Summer is here and Panzanella is a typical tuscan dish, genuine food made of bread, tomatoes, onions and vinegar.

….Here is the recepy!!!

Farmers used to eat Panzanella when they had to stay all day out working in the country.It is a very simple and poor dish but it’s important to use genuine ingredients to have a real aromatic Panzanella.



  • stale bread

  • tomatoes

  • red onion

  • basil

  • salt

  • pepper

  • vinegar

  • oil

    Put the bread in water and vinegar for about 20 minutes.Cut the tomatoes and the onion and season them.

    Wring out the bread, crumble it with the hands and put it together with tomatoes and onion. Mix all and put oil, salt pepper and some basil leaves. Put it in the fridge for an hour and then you can eat it your Panzanella.

        Enjoy it!!!



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