PECCIOLI a little village near Pisa

peccioli-0001Peccioli is a little town on a hill over Era river’s valley.



We visited it on 25 Th and we discovered an enchanting village, unfortunately not always a tourist destination.

At the food of the village we found a local festival and we could eat ham and “baccelli” (pods, a typical tuscan vegetable very good with ham or cheese). The food Washington very good and the prices were very good too.

After lunch we visited the village: old little streets lead you to the main square Piazza del Popolo. And just in this square there is the ancient church, Pieve San Verano, built in 1100.

From the Pieve the view goes to the below valley which is a beautiful tuscan corner.

In the same square there are Palazzo Pretorio and Palazzo del Municipio, two very nice buildings.

Going ahead along the ancient streets you reach the so called “Belvedere”. It is called La Castellaccia because here there was an old fortification, unfortunately diseappeared.

Going un no the steep staircase you can reach the same level of most of the roofs around and the sight goes to 180^



Our trip goes on with the Archeological Museum, a little Museum but where you can find many ancient finds of the Etruscan period. (The entrance is free but it is not always open so get information about it).





Visiting this delicious village is extremely relaxing and culturally instructive.

A little corner of Tuscany.


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