Not far from Lucca, near Borgo a Mozzano, on Serchio river there’ s the bridge of Maddalena, a fascinating bridge with a particular structure like the back of a donkey. The central part of the bridge is higher and it reminds of the back of a donkey. Its height is more than 18 metres.


It was built during Middle Age and probably Matilde di Canossa wanted it to be built. It was often changed during the years. At the beginning of 1900 a new arch was added to let the train pass under it. This changed the bridge’s shape very much.

It is 90 metres long and it has not been destroyed during the Second world war when the Germans mined it.

Its name comes from an image that was present near the bridge and nowadays diseappeared.

But the bridge is well known as the devil’s bridge, because of a legend of which different versions exist.

One of the more known version tells that the bridge was very difficult to be built and the person responsible of its construction realized he couldn’t  work it out in time.

So one night, while he was crying near the river, the devil appeared to him and told him he could help him. The devil told him he would have finished the bridge for him but he wanted the soul of the first person passing on the bridge.

So, one night the devil went to the bridge and lifted the central arch of it. The bridge was ended.

The person who was responsible of the building felt sorry for his agreement with the devil and so a religious man  told him to respect the pact but to let pass a pig on the bridge as first. So he did and the devil got so angry that he flew into the river Serchio just from this bridge.





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    that’s the legend. but is the original story have the same story ?

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