GARFAGNANA…nature first of all

Garfagnana is a wide area in the Tuscan Appennino. It is rich in natural and artistic beauties.

Today we go to Passo dei Carpinelli and Monte Argegna in Minucciano district, Lucca.

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Once we arrive we can admire a beautiful landscape from the “belvedere” point….


il punto belvedere

il punto belvedere


…and at the same time we can taste the local specialties at “Le bontà del Passo”: very good cheese, cold cuts, savoury pies, cakes and good red wine in a pleasable and home atmosphere.


You must surely have a stop at “Le bontà del Passo”!



Just in this area we also find a group of young boys and girls having a sort of market along the street and selling their homemade objects, as we used to do many years ago.




Once we have had lunch we can go up to Argegna mountain.

Just in front of the belvedere point we find the road which leads us up on the top.

Here we find the Santuario of Nostra Signora della Guardia, which faces a huge field in front of the wood.

il Santuario Nostra signora della Guardia

il Santuario Nostra signora della Guardia

In the beginning the Santuario was only a vvery little church: Don Antonio Pierotti wanted it to be built in 1895.

The statue of the Madonna we find inside was made by Antonio Canepa: it was a gift  from a priest and was taken to the Santuario in 1896.



In 1925 two marble altars where added inside, one of them is consecrated to S. Antonio.



The view is beautiful and the place, like all the holy places spreads peace.


Inside the Santuario is delicately restored and lots of people visit it especially in the last Sunday of August, when the annual feast for the Madonna takes place.


If you decide to visit Garfagnana this is a place you have to see.

In this area there are some restaurants and hotels ready to host you and you can have a relaxing holiday or a more active one. There are lots of paths in the wood or very nice villages to see, like Castelnuovo Garfagnana, Castiglione Garfagnana, Vagli with its lake.

And don’t forget important cities like Lucca or Pisa are not far and you can reach them in about 1 hour.

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