Garfagnana. The suspension bridge in Vagli

During my trip to Grarfagnana I visited the suspension bridge in Vagli, on the same lake. It was inaugurated in June 16th 2016.

It’s a bridge holded by steel ropes over the lake. And it’s one of the biggest bridges of this kind in Europe. It’s long 132 metres.


Vagli lake is known because of the village which lays under the water, since the dam has been built. The village was Fabbriche di Careggine.

The dam has been built in 1947 and once on a while the lake is emptied for maintenance: last time it happened in 1994 and next time could be in 2017.


the empty lake: the old village appears

As they empty the lake magically the old village appears. About this village there’s a legend we will talk about in a special post.

The suspension bridge is entitled to the two navy soldiers Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano Latorre, detained in India for so long time. Around the bridge there’s the honor and dishonor park, where there are the statues of Schettino and De Falco (the good and the bad man of Costa ship tragedy in Italy), the statue of Fabrizio Quattrocchi killed in Iraq (just before to be killed he said “look like an italian man dies”), and the statue of Diesel the police dog killed by terrorists in France.



Il cane -eroe Diesel

the dog  Diesel

Along the lake there’s a beautiful path to reach the bridge and the village of Vagli di Sotto.

Il paese di Vagli

Vagli village


Il percorso che porta al ponte sospeso

the path to reach the bridge


Along the path there’s a biopark where you can admire local animals and plants. All the animals you find there have been recovered in the area and they are there to end their healing cicle.


So, a nice walk will lead you to the bridge (you can also find lots of water points to drink).


During the night the bridge is lighted up with white, red and green lights ( the same colours of the italian flag). That’s a tribute to our country to give strenght to the italian pride so often forgotten.

When we get to the bridge at the beginning we feel no movements, but as we go on we feel a sort of shake under our feet, but the sight in front of us is so beautiful…

La vista dal centro del ponte sospeso

the view from the bridge



…if I’ve been able to walk along the bridge everybody can do it!

Ci aggiungiamo a percorrere il ponte

we are on the bridge!

You can have dinner in one of the restaurants of this area or you can have a pic-nic around the lake.

You can also find a beautiful swimming pool (free access), where you can spend a very relaxing day.

Before to plan this trip get information about the opening days of the bridge.


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