Saint Ranieri LUMINARA 2017

Pisa June 16th 2017: Luminara, the beautiful event, takes place along the Arno river. It is on the day that celebrates the Saint of Pisa.

About 110.000 small candles will light 133 buildings and other monuments in Pisa. Piazza dei Miracoli will be also well lighted.


The small candles reflect into the water of the river creating such a beautiful show: this event is part of Unesco Patrimony.


At the end of the night the beautiful fireworks will come from the several boats in the river and soft music will spread all over.


On June 17th the boats challenge in the Arno river will take place: It’s called Palio of Saint Ranieri and It’s a challenge between the four districts of Pisa.

On June 18th the famous challenge called Regata delle Antiche Repubbliche Marinare will take place in the same river in Pisa. During this challenge the boats of the four Old Sea Republics will face themselves.


It’s a good idea to visit Pisa in this period so to see such a beautiful event unique in the world.

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