In these so hot days there’ nothing better than a trip up to the mountain!

In the region of Lucca (between Bagni di Lucca and Piteglio) there’s a village they say it’s the most sheltered in Tuscany: Lucchio ( its name could mean place rich of woods).


The village looks like it comes out of the mountain and its old houses appear to be fit one inside the other.


The village is on the mountain at about 670 mt. and it has always been difficult to conquer because of its position. It can be reached through a  curvy road in the valley of Lima river.


The village is so on the top of the mountain that people used to say they had to tie a bag at the tail of their chickens so the eggs didn’t fall down the hill. The little streets are very steep!

Walking along the streets we realize there are no inhabitants in Lucchio except for some people on vacation: we are in a real surreal atmosphere.

In the village there’s a fountain that was very important for the people who used to live there.

La fontana di Lucchio

La fontana di Lucchio

Over the village there was an unconquerable fortress and its ruins can be seen going up by feet along a path. They say Matilde di Canossa wanted it to be built.

Vista della Rocca di Lucchio

Vista della Rocca di Lucchio

The beautiful view from the fortress is over the Lima valley.


Lucchio is reachable going along the road of Abetone leaving it in Tama a Termini between Bagni di Lucca and Piteglio. Then we find a narrow curvy road that leads us to the village. We have to leave the car outside of the village.

You can also reach Lucchio by mountain bike for a pleasable route in a very green area.


And at the end of the hill…..a refreshing stop!


our friend Luigi is relaxing in the wood

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