The Torture Museum

An unusual Sunday walking through the history of human atrocities. We visited the Torture Museum in Lucca.

At the entrance we met the executioner who creates a very particular atmosphere.


In this Museum we met the worst part of the human soul and we realized what the bad part of the brain is able to create. This has shocked us and at the same time it made us think about it.


The atmosphere was dark and gloomy and this made the machine even more disquieting.


At school my daughters are studying the period of the Inquisition and this museum helps to understand what happened in that period.


Along the rooms we moved from the chastity belt to the belts with points and the crush-head rings.


In that period children were punished as well as adults, for example at school: they had to sit on a little wood horse while they were hit. This would be too much even for the worst teacher.


Our visit ended with the “extending table”: the victim was laid on a table and tied to it, then he was extended until his bones broke and he died with big pain.

At the end we left the museum with a pain in our heart and more conscious about how evil man can be.



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